Artificial intelligence is maybe the biggest opportunity for your business

Our mission is to help you succeed with AI

Our main goals

Our mission is to help you and your teams understand artificial intelligence and create an impact on your business by driving meaningful projects

Enable your teams to drive meaningful AI projects

Your project teams do not have to become expert data scientists to drive great machine learning projects. Most important is a basic understanding what machine learning is and how to specify project requirements that internal or external data scientists can work with.
In our workshops your teams will learn this essential skill set

Challenge your AI project pipeline

Do you have a great inflow of AI driven innovation project proposals?
That is great! - but at the same time it can be overwhelming.
In those situations we help you to assess the feasibility and scalability of proposed technology solutions and help to prioritize your budget.

Show your team how to get from data to proof of concept

Do you or your team have a great project idea using data and machine learning? Do you want to rule out the key risk of feasibility?
In this case we can help you with our AI sprint concept. We will guide your team in the journey from initial project idea to a first PoC and will help you to identify key risks regarding the implementation of you project.

Happy clients and workshop participants

We had the pleasure to work with teams of the following companies - of course we cannot share any project details but in case you need a reference will will be happy to make an introduction




Otto Group






Wayra Germany

Stern Stewart & Co

+ several M/DAX companies & SMEs

What we offer

AI Workshops

We enable your staff to develop AI related use cases and drive meaningful projects. The most important aspects are to understand what AI and machine learning are and how to define a great project roadmap and requirements.

It is not about learning to program or implementing everything on your own but to be able to challenge and steer internal and external experts


AI product sprint

The question how to start an AI project is often times overwhelming.
We support you in defining a PoC, finding and analysing the right data sources and build first baseline machine learning models to proof that your idea is actually feasible.
Eliminating those key risks from your project will give you a great starting point to further iterate the PoC towards a full product


Feel free to reach out!

No matter if you have a short question, want to get a specific proposal or just want to get in contact for future reference - we are always happy to hear from you!