Understand the basics of data and machine learning in one day

We offer AI workshops for corporates and SMEs

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning for business deciders

We have already helped more than 200 participants in over 6 huge corporates to learn the fundamental of AI and machine learning.

Building on that experience we know that data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning are a seemingly unmountable field to start learning.
Most business deciders have a hard time to do the first step. Should you do one of the many online courses? Or rather buy a book and work through it on the weekends?

In our dedicated AI workshop we help you to understand the fundamental concepts of AI and machine learning, understand where it is historically rooted and what services are out there in the market.

This intensive training experience will help you to start your journey. You will find more clarity if you want to rather pursue the technical and product management side and do one of the many online courses or if you are more interested in topics like safety, ethics and data bias.

  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Tested by over 200 corporate participants
  • Targeting business deciders and project/product managers

Get an impression

We know that workshops are a personal experience - and want to make sure that know what you will get.

To help you find out if you like our general style of presentation please have a look at this (German - sorry :-( ) video of a short keynote that was filmed in Austria.

Of course the workshop will have a lot more interaction and personal excercises that you will do - but still we think the video can help you get a first impression before you decide to do a workshop with us

Remember ...our training ...

  • does not require prior knowledge or coding skills
  • will help you to take decisions and manage AI and machine learning projects
  • will be your first step to succeeding in a digital competitive landscape

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