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During our work with corporate strategy and product teams we realized that there is a great need for technology awareness. Many of our clients expressed the wish to get a solid understanding around data acquisition and analysis. They wanted to get a feeling of the fundamentals of machine learning to be able to judge project proposals. They wanted to understand the limitations of machine learning and the current state of AI to differentiate between hype and realistic goals.

  • Kickoff workshop

    Full-day workshop at client location

    In order to set the fundamentals of the next three month we will have a joint full-day workshop in which we outline the basics of data acquisition, data analytics and machine learning.
    Every participant will develop a list of priority interests and topics to learn and clarifiy within the next three month

  • Individual follow up calls

    1-2 hours per participant

    In a personal follow up call directly after the joint workshop every participant has the chance to clarify questions that came up after the workshop.
    Furthermore the learning interests and focus topics of the client can be discussed and defined.

  • Individual program definition

    Based on the discussion we have in the individual follow up calls we will create an individual program of reading material and small challenges for each participant.
    Our goal is to create an engaging learning experience while respecting the time-constraints of every participants responsibilities

  • Ongoing coaching on learning goals

    Following participants needs - normally 1/2- 1 hour update call per week

    Each participant will decide how much time to allocate to the program and learning goals. Usually our participants are highly motivated and will find the time to read the suggested material and try out our challenges.
    To discuss reading suggestions and challenges we will have a short video call every week

  • Final workshop and presentations

    Full-day workshop at client location

    At the end of the three month period we will have a final joint workshop in which participants can present their lessons learned from the challenges.
    Furthermore we will discuss and clarify the most interesting hurdles that came up in the three month learning period.
    Data sources that might be relevant for all participants are discussed and potential machine learning project approaches are shared

  • Prepared for a successful future

    The participants have now learned the most important concepts about data and machine learning.
    The will be able to judge project proposals and fend of unrealistic spending of millions.
    Based on their acquired knowledge the participants will be able to find the most promising machine learning problem settings in their organisation and lead towards a successful implementation.